Big Mahalo February 2012 Photos

Aloha KORE Hui!
Gotta say you all really know how to make a party, a PARTY!!!!   Where to start with the Mahalos…   There were so many people who contributed in somany ways.  Jaime Arreola of Duke’s, a huge Mahalo to you for opening up the 2nd floor of Dukes and hosting the BIG Mahalo.   The location was wonderful with a light breeze, sunny weather and of course the beautiful view. The Duke staff who volunteered their time were over the top also: Derrick and Claudia racing around with huge grins on their faces, I know there were more but I am shamed and did not get their names but THANK You!  Lisa Insalata, you truly are the Event Coordinator Extraordinaire!  One knows a good party when it goes so smoothly and is seemless in its transitions that you made the organization of it look EASY and effortless!  Ann and John Petrovitz Mahalo for the balloons and taking care of the front table and getting people signed in.  We had close to 175 people come and celebrate each other!  Ann also was in on the very beginning of the party planning, giving invaluable advice to both Lisa and Suzie.  Sharon “Awwwhooo” Pancho took a gergillion pictures of people as they were arriving.  Allie Litterer, with the help of Thomas Duffy and Lisa Insalata, put together an amazing slide show.   In addition, we had a surprise anonymous video photographer post video on   IronWhoaMan I LOVE YOU!!!  Be sure to check out the KORE Video Archive also!  All links are posted    Allen Thomas, your music is an inspiration and so heartfelt.  Your rendition of Stairway to Heaven Kauai Style, is now posted on youtube!  Pancho Graham, Mahalo for your part in providing music for our friends Lisa and Malia when they blessed us with their hula.  Mauli your blessing of us and our ‘aina was so precious.  Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Mahalo for gracing the KORE Hui with your gift of song and the County of Kauai Letter of Appreciation!  Linda and Mike Fisher for the GORGEOUS surf board ART, Fred as assistant schlepper to Lisa and making the cool KORE Driftwood table decoration, and of course, our WONDERFUL Mary Murphy for all the flower arrangements! 
And last but not least, Mahalo to each and every one of you, whether present there or in spirit:  The KORE Hui.  Please give your aloha and kokua to each other for helping to knit our Island together, no matter our backgrounds, into something that is amazing and so sweet to be a part of.